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Elena Prokhorova

Art for dreaming

  I was born in Ekaterinburg, Russia in 1964. I attended the School of Art and graduated in Architecture from the University of Ekaterinburg in 1988. I currently live in Italy, in the region of Sabina.

  I could define my works as architectural dreams or as a window opened over parallel worlds. In fact, my oil paintings usually represent places where I've lived, such as Rome and small medieval villages, and it comes natural to me to transform the stairs of their buildings, the colors and the lights into a dreamlike atmosphere, where everything remains recognizable but feels unreal at the same time. I try to convey the deep sense of wonder I felt when seeing them for the first time.

  My watercolors engage an even more dreamy and utopian storytelling. They depict cities that can be placed in a time and space: you can recognize the building styles (from classicism to Art Deco) and the atmospheres of the North. You can glimpse many architectural details, observe the characters and imagine their little stories. The outlines of cities are filtered through an inconsistent mist, just like the edges of our dreams and desires, which are fired up by the pathos of architectural utopias, by the charm of big cities yet to be discovered and by the promises of great novels. The magnitude of the constructed world hangs over the little daydreaming characters, who are unaware of their own fragility. The world I create comes from my fantasies, from the brief perception of something unusual and miraculous that amazes me and therefore I want to share with you.

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